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Vanguard Spanish Food and Wine: Best Websites

September 18, 2007

In the last few years, developments in Spain’s vanguard cuisines and wines have enjoyed unprecedented attention in American media outlets, particularly in Wine Spectator and the New York Times. Here are a few sites that cover this story from the Spanish perspective. Some great writing and some great photos. Easy enough to navigate with rudimentary Spanish or the aid of a dictionary. Feel free to add suggestions in the comment section.

1) Directo al paladar: “Straight to the palate” is a bit like a Spanish version of Eater or Serious Eats. Much original and compiled food content.

2) Lo mejor de la gastronomía. The editor of the Diario Vasco’s food section, Rafael García Santos, is a major food authority and also publishes a wonderful and comprehensive guide to Spanish dining and food products. Here he and his collaborators put the fruits of their labor online.

3) Conservative Spanish newspaper ABC’s online Food Section. ABC is one of three newspapers of record in Spain (El País and El Mundo are the other two) and has the best food coverage of the big three.

4) Salsa de chiles: Food blogs from ABC. A whole community of food bloggers and journalists housed under ABC’s auspices.

5) Liberal newspaper El Mundo’s Wine Section: Great national coverage including reviews, blog links and food/wine pairings. Be patient, it takes an extra second to load.

6) El aderezo: A likeable if modest food blog with some good links.