Blaue Gans: Tribeca’s Best Wurst

5 Hits and Misses at Blaue Gans

1) Happening house made sausages: The brat and weiss wursts were snappy well cooked delights. Perfectly set off by beds of sauerkraut, a good biting mustard and a few vinegared potatoes. Great as morning, lunch or late night fare.

2) Belly busting butter poached apricot jelly rolls:
Sounds too rich; isn’t. A great plate to split with two or three table mates. Like IHOP’s international pancakes, but oh so much better.

3) Child friendly chopped pancake with apple compote: Served with chewable cinammon stick and cut into bite sized pieces. Just like back when you needed help cutting your food. Perfect for handfeeding the little ones or sharing. Dangerous to eat alongside greedy table mates.

4) Funky feel with nary a hint of black turtlenecked pretense: The vaulted ceiling is papered in vintage posters taken from the German-speaking arts world. They add color and light to the open space. They also seem to have absorbed just enough beer funk to suggest a mild hangover after a great one night stand–the kind where you might have breakfast together at Blaue Gans before going your separate ways.

5) Sour Coffee Sloppily Served: The standard brew here is wan, watery, and worse still, never refilled. I don’t expect a parade of delicious treatments of schlag and espresso in the Café Sabarsky mode nor beautiful coffee service in the Café Gray mode; I do expect a committed flavor and a decent looking mug. The only off note during a gracefully executed and graciously served meal and an easily remedied problem.


3 Responses to “Blaue Gans: Tribeca’s Best Wurst”

  1. Larry Says:

    What about the wiener schnitzel? I hear the sandwich is tremendous, but I can’t get past the sausage beer combo.

  2. Booze Cruiser Says:

    I assume a place like this has some top drawer Teutonic digestifs, Jagermeister and Goldschlager not counting, of course. Has anyone gone down that road?

  3. Mike M Says:

    Blaue Gans was recently reviewed by Mitchell Davis in “The Art of Eating,” a small (and expensive) food journal. For the most part, you and Davis seem to be in agreement. I guess I’ll have to give it a try.

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