Top 5 Tiger Bites: Princeton Food Finds

1) Bacon cheese steak from Hoagie Haven: See separate post. This place is a food slut’s paradise. All the sandwiches are great, but the bacon cheese steak is the brightest star in the Havenly firmament.

2) Coffee ice cream shake at Halo Pub: Skip the fancy candy shops. This is all the sweet treat you’ll need during a day in Tigertown. Wood-panelled and tranquil, this makes for a great respite from hectic shopping, or summer heat. It’s also the organic dairy equivalent of Ritalin, if the little tiger cubs are acting up.

3) Green Enchiladas at Mexican Village II:
A bit off the map. A better Mexican generalist restaurant than one would expect in Princeton. Great enchiladas in green sauce. Genuine blissed-out warmth towards students in a town that does little to embrace the undergrads. Perhaps a hint of resin in the mole? Would fit in well in Madison or Boulder. Nearby liquor store has world-class collection of malt beverages.

4) Fish and chips at Triumph: Fried fun in a cone. Served in sophisticated rig that keeps hands clean and food hot and crisp, this is the perfect pairing to a flight of micro-brews.
N.B. Bartenders can’t conceive that people might actually be from Midwest. Have seen several valid driver’s licenses get nixed here.

5) Salt bagel with cream cheese from Abel Bagel: Owner’s fortunes have been up and down, but his bagels never bite. Just the right size for a morning meal. Perfect with coffee, grapefruit juice, Times and mild hangover.

A few more for the road: Favorite combinations.

1) Wawa: Wa dog with everything on it. Pint of Chubby Hubby.

2) Lahiere’s:
Beef tournedoes at Lahiere’s Wine selected and paid for by friend’s franco/oeno-phile parents.

3) Alchemist & Barrister: Pupu platter.  Promise of second-round interview from tipsy McKinsey rep.

4) PJ’s Pancakes: Tall stack. Short line.

5) Tap Room at the Nassau Inn:
Cigar. Any whiskey not sold by the flask.

6) Small World: Large iced coffee. Barista with good enough short-term memory to remember your blueberry muffin as well.


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