Belly’s full and wallet’s empty, so I’m taking an extended break from heavy dining and blogging out. Will return when balance is restored.

Before I do, here are a few notes on recent meals.

20’s and Lex: Meat and Beer or Beer and Meat

The Cannibal: Amazing tartares and charcuterie. If Willie Wonka had a butcher shop, this would be the tasting room.

Resto: A sad second cousin next door, though full thanks to Cannibal’s recent good run. Service is spotty, seats are uncomfortable and food is nowhere near the level of its neighbor.

And on to the ugly end of the Upper East Side: Yorkville Eats

Café D’Alsace: Gets steak tartare about as wrong as possible–all capers and coverup, no meat flavor–but still Xanaxes you out with the golden light and cracked mirrors. Balthazar-lite for Yorkville.  Even more necessary now that Elaine’s and its neighboring sport bar are no longer with us.

City Swiggers: Beer on tap is well selected. Loved the Greenport offering. Not much atmosphere if you want to use it as a bar, and the food is an after-afterthought, but this is the best thing to happen to beer in Yorkville since Café D’Alsace arrived. A little bit of Billyburg meets Blind Tiger Ale House on an otherwise sad stretch of 86th street.

Kaia Wine Bar: South African eats are filling and fun, though kitchen is Easy-Bake Oven size, which slows down service.  South African wines are perfectly pleasant and a nice change of pace.   Avroko lights, full house and generous pours make this worth adding to the pre or post dinner routine.  Kudos on doing something different and doing it well.

Parlor Steakhouse: Totally adequate suburban Florida steakhouse in Yorkville. Prices, drinks and protein are all better than they need to be. Shellfish exceed expectations. Avoid the chintzy prix-fixe with subpar steak: You get what you pay for. Very child-friendly day or night.


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