Hair of the Food Gods: New York’s Mane Talent

1. Tony Bourdain:  A proprietary combination of hash oil and yak butter makes for one of the lushest heads of salt and pepper in the industry.

2. Eric Ripert: A coif with the otherworldly glow of an alien life form.  Like Spider Man’s sentient black web suit.  Saw Ripert effulging one day at dusk as he walked up Park Ave.  This man could put Vidal out of business.

3. Jean Georges: Hannibal Lecter with a dye job. Take some tips from 1 and 2.

4. Mario Batali: Midlife hair resurgence, like penis growth after puberty, is either a medical miracle or the result of unnatural tampering, so kudos to MB for letting the reverse tree ring of hairline recession mark a well-lived half century.

5. Keith McNally: A retreating flip job bang crest makes McNally look like Jamie Oliver’s long lost older uncle.  Somehow, it works.


2 Responses to “Hair of the Food Gods: New York’s Mane Talent”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Same honesty applies to MB’s girthy midsection. The man girdle fleece vest has long since stopped containing the overflow, but at least he’s honest about the noodle and the damage done.

  2. donuts4dinner Says:

    Love you, want to be you, wish my blog could be your blog, etc.

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