Ferry Building Marketplace: SF’s Gastro Theme Park

A modest proposal for a half day’s eating in the nation’s best food court. Sorry Chelsea Market and Time-Warner.

8:30 Boulette’s Larder Named for the dreadlocked dog that occupies the underbelly of the communal table with all the size and intimidating qualities of Hagrid’s Fluffy, this unsung hero deserves a visit from any foodie worth her salt. Pork belly, bacon and lardo on toast with fennel flowers to cut the fat overload were nothing short of delicious. French press coffee put Peet’s to shame. Do get in before 10:30 when the kitchen takes a break to prep for lunch.

9:15 Cowgirl Creamery: Sample your way around then grab a chunk of a staff recommendation and head to Acme bread for a baguette to complete the snack. Enjoy waterside.

10:00 Slanted Door Takeout: Order a Vietnamese Iced Coffee and drink as slowly as possible. You might last a minute if you’re tough.

10:30 Taylor Automatic Refresher: Grab a burger, fries and shake and sit at the counter. You’ll get enough views in later. No need to down all of the above, but get a good taste of each, or share if you’re so inclined.

11:00 Slanted Door: Beat the crowds with an early bird counter seat. Grab some hamachi crudo, manila clams in broth with pork belly and a riesling or two. Finish up with any of the excellent desserts.

12:00 Breathe

12:30 Hog Island Oysters: Oysters aren’t that filling, so enjoy a dozen or so of the day’s selection. Add an Anchor Steam as a digestif.

1:15 Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants: Check out the selection but don’t down a flight quite yet.

1:30 Order a flight of white and a flight of red (best if split with a friend).

2:45 Double shot of espresso at Peet’s. A well known regional favorite beats Starbucks but not by much.

3:30 San Francisco Fish Company for Dungeness crab: It’s expensive, but so is Corton-Charlemagne. Take it to go on the Ferry to Sausalito.

4:00 Take in the view or take a nap. Consider your return options: Mijitafor a taco and Tecate or two, a return to Slanted Door for a full meal, caviar, exotic chocolates, or perhaps a break until the farmer’s market on Saturday with the best flapjacks and grilled rosemary pork sausage you’ve ever tasted. If gourmet IHOP on the weekends doesn’t do it for you, the fruit selection is an order of magnitude better than New York’s Greenmarket.


3 Responses to “Ferry Building Marketplace: SF’s Gastro Theme Park”

  1. Susana Says:

    Boulette’s is great for lunch. That said, I’d rather do outdoor brunch from the Farmers Market vendors and eat even closer to the water.

  2. NYC Food Fiend Says:

    For looks and feel it beats Chelsea Market and Time Warner hands down. For restaurant offerings, though I’d have to give the nod to NY’s top food court. Per Se and Masa under one roof, with a side of Porterhouse, Café Gray and Landmarc? It may be a cold dull place but it’s the most ambitious restaurant collection outside Vegas. Plus, Time Warner’s Lincoln Center Jazz is legitimately impressive journey worthy stuff. And the views are spectacular from the restaurants.

  3. Oyster Addict Says:

    I see you’ve been to Hog Island Oysters. Well, I still say it beats Swan.

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