Re-Setting The Table: 5 Smudges on Danny Meyer’s New Book

In Danny Meyer’s restaurants, the tables are always well marked, and the glasses always glisten. The only fingerprint you see is his, and that’s on the whole place. Unfortunately, Meyer’s copy editor missed a few typographical “smudges” in the hardback edition of Setting the Table. Below are a few to fix before the paperback version goes to press.

1) P. 55 During in those first weeks and months it didn’t take me long to learn that very little makes guests madder than having to wait for their reserved table or their food.

2) P. 66 I had already learned that the trick to delivering superior hospitality was to hire geniune, happy, optimistic people.

3) P. 88 My assitant also reviews the sheet in the morning.

4) P. 120 First Paragraph: …having convinced his chef, Gray Kunz, to greatly expand the number of aromatic spices in the resataurant’s pantry.

5) I’m sure I missed one.


One Response to “Re-Setting The Table: 5 Smudges on Danny Meyer’s New Book”

  1. Hospitable Says:

    You missed a couple, but that’s a good start. My question is, “Who’s number two for restaurant hospitality?” Is there someone else out there building a restaurant group around service, or is Uncle Danny really it?

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