A Foodie Forages in Grand Central

1) Oren’s Daily Roast (breakfast): Get the peanut butter raspberry jelly doughnut and an espresso, or the coconut cream doughnut. Both are from Doughnut Plant and both constitute a full and fully satisfying breakfast.

2) Grand Central Market (lunch): Murray’s for stinky cheese and membrillo. Greenwich Produce for fruit selection. Koglin German Hams stand for exceptional smoky schinkel and more exotic animal parts. Finally Corrado Bakery at far end for baguette and a pastry. Take your picnic downstairs or over to Bryant Park.

3) Michael Jordan’s (snack): Order your own Mac&Cheese and a beer. Service is primitive and desserts are weak, but views and Mac are spectacular, especially around Christmas.

4) Metrazur (dessert): Finish up with a well-mixed drink and another lovely vista. Look at the Metro North boards and think about heading to Blue Hill Stone Barns for dinner.


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