Fave 5 Happy Endings: Digestifs and Deliciousness

When more and more intense alcohol seems like a good idea:

1) Marc (Daniel): Hard to find Marc at all, especially this good and well-priced. Great light for lingering in the afterglow. Gracious service may help nudge you over the abyss, i.e. a second. See M.F.K. Fisher on what happens if you order the third!

2) High-end Grappa (Alto): Best 25 dollars I’ve spent on liquor. The oak-aged grappa was profound and complex and memorable and worth sharing. I’d take the oaked grappa over añejo or aged rum any day.

3) House-made hooch grappa (Otto): Fun flavors, relatively cheap and served with Señor Frog’s Cancún flair. This is a digestivo that doesn’t take itself seriously.

4) Blue Smoke Bourbon (Blue Smoke): Helps settle the barbecue, but beware when you settle the tab–it’ll set you back 25 bucks or so.

5) Deli-coffee and Gramercy Tavern thank-you muffin at 3AM: Best way to fight off the cold-sweats after polishing off the seven-course menu with cheese supplement. A seltzer chaser helps as well.


One Response to “Fave 5 Happy Endings: Digestifs and Deliciousness”

  1. John Says:

    I am heading over from Oh Joy! And It is so hard to chsooe just one that I would want because I love each one! But if I have to chsooe I would want outfit 1 if I were to win 🙂

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